Taiwan Shareable Map

A travel map for Taiwan containing TaipeiKaohsiungAlishan National Scenic AreaTaichungTainanJiufen and Shifen,and Taroko Gorge

Duration: 12 – 15 nights should be ok to cover the map if you are on a tight schedule (the duration for each major place is placed beside the place’s title)

Also on this page, photo gallery from this trip, video and other highlights like food.

Photo Gallery


Map was last updated at 31 Oct 2023

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Food highlights

There is no way to be in Taiwan and feel hungry; there are numerous choices to consider, both local, from neighboring countries and from the West.

Taro balls and sweetened red beans on shaved ice, an absolute must check dessert in Jiufen. There is no excuse miss it.

Taiwanese mochi; the ones in the photo are with matcha tea, mandarin, read bean and taro flavors.


Ramen at Kaohsiung metro station

Lunch bought on train from Hualien to Kaohsiung.

Curry plate at Tainan, near the main train station.

Texan flavors in a stake house at Hualien. Delicious plates in a place to relax, drink local beers and enjoy hard rock music.

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