Egypt Shareable Map

A travel map for Egypt running across the Nile from North down to the Southern borders of the country. This map focuses  on historic locations.

Duration: 9 – 12 nights will be enough to cover the map (the duration for each major place is placed beside the place’s title)

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Abu Simbel

Philae Temple Complex

Hot Air Balloon Ride at Sunrise

Aswan Night Market

Karnak Temple

Map was last updated at 30 Jan 2020

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Food highlights

Salad in Luxor; the cheese was so soft, creamy and delicious.

Egyptian bread.

lunch at al masry aswan

Lunch at Al Masry in Aswan, recommended.

Egyptian beer Sakara

Falafel in Aswan from a shop named Falafel Restaurant near the crossroad of Mohammed Agha and Saad Zaghloul streets; another recommendation.

Egyptian desserts from Aswan’s night market.

Another local beer named Stella, not to be confused with Stella Artois but anecdotally, the founder of this one is also from Belgium.